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If you would like to support our store
and our staff, consider buying a gift certificate
or pre-order a book with us :)

Support local business, authors, artists and organizations wherever possible.


How to order:
Purchase online by choosing one of the amounts above. You can also combine to make your own amount and in the 'Instructions' field ask us to combine into one!
Pickup for a paper copy or Mail for an emailed electronic version.
You can even include a short inscription and the email of the person you would like us to send it to!
We will send you an electronic copy during regular business hours found on this site.

How to redeem:
When placing an online order, in the "Instructions' field please let us know the number and amount of the gift certificate you wish to redeem. If you are purchasing an amount higher than your gift card, please give a credit card number for the balance. Choose Redeem Gift Certificate if the amount is under the gift card number and a credit with be issued for the balance.

Any questions you can email us at