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How to order:
We have always used paper gift certificates and recently put them on our website as a book item with the most requested amounts. In this case, the "pickup" option would be a paper certificate that you can pick up curbside or "ship" would be an electronic certificate that would be emailed to the address provided. In the 'instructions' field you can give us the recipients email address and a short inscription and we will email it over.
We need to manually do this so if you place an online order for a gift certificate at 10pm on a Saturday we won't be able to process it until someone is back in the shop :)

How to redeem:

When placing an online order, in the "Instructions' field provide the 4 digit gift card number and amount of the gift certificate you wish to redeem. If you are purchasing an amount higher than your gift card, please give a credit card number for the balance. Choose Redeem Gift Certificate if the amount is under the gift card number and a credit with be manually issued for the balance.

Any questions you can email us at